Zero Displacement Revitialization

As Texas grows and people move back to our great cities, communities change and homeowners are pressured out by increasing property tax and appraisal values. Indeed, we should revitalize and unify our diverse cities, but not at the expense of displacing the neighbors that have made our diverse communities great.

First we must make sure that every elder over the age of 65 gets the entitled property tax caps. Second, I propose we add another property tax cap for those that can prove they have lived in their home for greater than 20 years.  Third, I also propose a property tax cap to any property owner that lives below the national poverty level.

Finally, we need to ensure everyone in these communities has access to education on the available options. I believe we can further strengthen our communities with zero displacement of our citizens while restoring and revitalizing our neighborhoods.  To do so, we must work together and unite to preserve the integrity and history of our treasured communities.