Since I was able to vote, I have always had traditional family values. It all started when I watched George H. W. Bush speak at the 1988 Convention. I listened intently as he talked about:

  • Being A Good Neighbor
  • Being A Strong Leader By Example
  • Believing That Religion, Not Government, Should Provide Moral Character
  • Building Each Other Up Instead Of Tearing Each Other Down

In 2009 my personal foundation of God, Family, and City was shaken to the core when my son was born with a rare 1 in 35 million birth defect. At that time, I decided not to seek reelection as a precinct chair. My voting record suffered because I decided to drop everything and focus on my son, keep our family together, and ultimately keep my own faith in God strong.

Today, I am happy to say that Shawn is doing great. You would not know that he ever went through these tough times other than a few scars on his back – and the fact that his Dad tells everyone about his miraculous story.

I have learned by my own mistakes that if you don’t vote, you don’t matter, but we are still responsible for the politicians that represent us. I’m running for political office now because I grew tired of waiting on the world to restore itself back to traditional values. I realized I may have been uniquely prepared to be the change that many of us wish to see.

As a grassroots supported candidate, I ask you to keep me accountable and help ensure I strive to live up to that promise. I am running for office because you deserve a choice, because your choice #MATTers!