Restore Infrastructure

Our streets and drainage are in complete disrepair. For too many years, maintenance has been neglected, funds have been reallocated and we've endured poor budgeting practices. Although Houston politicians promoted other sources of income like "Rebuild Houston", the Texas Supreme Court recently judged the proposed ballot language to be misleading. The process has been too easily broken because of personal political agendas and misguided policies that have robbed the “lock box” designated towards streets and drainage. 

Our political leadership has tried to address the surface of the problem but failed to identify and fix the source of the problem. We must again prioritize fixing the streets over pushing divisive social issues. We must commit to a process to repair the streets instead of just filling potholes not only on the city level but in Austin. 

Let's tighten our budget, stop wasteful spending and start assisting and promote our cities to us our money to fix our streets and drainage now.  We can and we must do it right the first time.