Never Forget


Every generation has bullet points that can be used to reference before and after. For my generation the 9/11 terrorist attack became that definitive bullet point.

Everything that we knew changed that day by an extreme few that hated the US because our FREEDOM. They felt by attacking us on our own soil that it would inspire hate and confusion in our life, but the opposite happened.

I watched as people of all different walks of life became patriots together to proudly yell as one voice...U.S.A....U.S.A...U.S.A...

Today we are reminded of the unmoral acts of an extreme few that do not deserve the right to be recognize. We also honor the fathers, mothers, sons and daughters that lost their life on this day 15 years. We are reminded that FREEDOM is not free. It takes hard work from all of us to maintain it.

I will #NeverForget, and I will continue with my promise to work every day of my life towards protecting LIBERTY for all.