Sustainable Pensions

As the son of a firefighter and school teacher, I feel our main responsibility is to make sure that our heroes get what they were promised and deserve, but we all know that we have to figure out a way to make the current situation sustainable. According to the city of Houston budget, approximately 20% of our city revenues go to paying pensions – and this is the driving reason given as to why we face this current issue. Starting in 2016, we have a $142 million gap between expected annual revenues and expenses, increasing rapidly, with $5.3 Billion in unfunded liabilities.

Here are the steps I propose as a state representative:

  • I will help establish a platform to work with the unions to come up with a solution that keeps the promise of our current deal, but looks for sustainable ways to provide for our future police, fire, municipal workers, and teachers. 
  • I will lead the charge to keep cities accountable to living up to the promises made.
  • I will find way on how we can spend our tax dollars in other areas wisely to avoid reforming our pension obligation.
  • Finally, I will make sure that the police, fire, municipal workers, and teachers know they have a family member that has a vested interest looking after their future.   

Without a solution, we’ll just keep kicking the can along an unsustainable future. Ignoring this crisis consumes what’s left of our precious time. Let's avoid a preventable catastrophe, stop focusing on the surface of the problem and instead start fixing the source. After all, I never want to take money out of my parents pockets.