Log Cabin Republicans Endorse Matt Murphy

This week I am honored and privileged to announce the endorsement of the Log Cabin Republicans of Houston.


Log-Cabin_copy.jpgThe mission of Log Cabin Republicans of Houston, Texas supports at the city and county level the mission of the national Log Cabin Republicans organization: to build a stronger more inclusive Republican Party by promoting the core values of limited government, individual liberty, personal responsibility, free markets, and a strong national defense; and also advocating for the freedom and equality of all Americans, including gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans.

On Thursday, president of the Houston Chapter, Marco Roberts, stated in a press release:

Too often as Republicans we focus on the few things that divide us, and not on the many things that should bring us together: Our belief in our party’s wise and wonderful stated commitment to the idea of limited government; Constitutional liberties, especially those of the First and Second Amendments; the right to one’s own property and the labor of one’s own hands; and our shared belief in the fundamental value of the autonomous, self-reliant individual – the only path to true personal independence and individual liberty.

We believe Matt Murphy shares those fundamental values as we do, and shares our views on the importance of the fundamental issues that lie ahead in regards to the equal treatment under the law for all people regardless of sexual orientation, status as a sexual minority, or differing religious beliefs.

I am proud to be a Republican that has received a broad group of supporters and endorsements that understand my dedication to fight for limited government, civil rights and fiscal responsibility. District 147 consists of 25% White, 38% African-American, 31% Latino, and 6% Asian/Other in neighborhoods like in Downtown, Midtown, Montrose, 3rd Ward, Sunnyside, South Park, Garden Villas, and areas surrounding Hobby Airport. Republicans are outnumbered by Democrats nearly 2 to 1 in our district, and Independents outnumber us all, however we are all neighbors. Instead of focusing on the issues that divide us, we must focus on the common goals that unite us.

As a candidate that stands proud to defend our rights to Faith, Family, Freedom, and Community, we are reaching across party lines to gain the vote from Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and Independents alike that believe in these values. The voters of this district are looking for candidates that are focusing on unity instead of division. The voters of this district are smart enough to realize that the liberal Democratic agenda is not relating to their conservative values and they want to vote for a choice that focuses on being a voice of the people and their conservative values instead of a party.

The Log Cabin Republicans and I are teaming up together to get out the "good news" through block walking, phone calls, and election day outreach in the Midtown and Montrose community. They are letting the communities know that my opponent has ran unopposed for 25 years, and how I felt that it was time to give the voters a choice because: