Kingwood Tea Party Endorsement

As you know, my team and I have been running a positive campaign to unite our communities based on traditional conservative values - and we are gaining steam!  DSC02483.jpg

This week I am honored and privileged to announce the endorsement of the Kingwood Tea Party!

Since 2009, the Kingwood Tea Party Inc. has had a mission to promote constitutionally limited government, capitalism and freedom, and our traditional values that engender American creativity, productivity and prosperity, strengthening communities through better representation and empowering the people to unite at the ballot box.


Robin Lennon, President of the Kingwood Tea Party said, "Houston needs a new generation of leadership: honest, responsible and not a captive of the special interests running City Hall. Matt Murphy will represent hard-working taxpayers that have been abused by City government for too long.  Vote for Matt Murphy, Houston City Council, At Large – Position 4 and help us work to put Houston back on a strong financial footing."

I am grateful for conservative grassroots activists and leaders like the Kingwood Tea Party who take the time and carefully consider my candidacy.  As a political outsider, I am greatly humbled by this amazing honor, and I promise to faithfully continue living up to strong conservative endorsements like this by bringing back Accountability, Responsibility, and Community to city hall.

Will you take the time to review my bio and position on the issues?  

As a military man, family man, business and community leader, I have a strong record of achievement with the right experience Houston needs.  

DSC02534.jpgWith help from fellow conservatives like you, I believe we can unite and take back our city together - that's why I'm building a broad coalition of conservative support, to make Houston better today!

Please consider joining our "Campaign of Now" by endorsing our campaign, signing up to volunteer or contributing with your financial support.  

For conservatives to have a chance in this race, we need your support to win - with you we cannot lose!