Thanksgiving Community #SillyClothesRun


After running for office, I noticed that I am far from being in the physical shape that it took to become a 2X IRONMAN. The fact is we can all get very busy and can find excuses not to get out and exercise.

This year I am starting a new tradition, and I ask you to join me wherever you are. We are calling it the Thanksgiving Community #SillyClothesRun in effort to promote community interaction. Why silly clothes? It is because a lot of your friends and family will be visiting others in your neighborhoods and/or communities. If you see them while out getting exercise, say "Hi" and introduce yourself. Here is how you can participate:

  1. Dress up in silly clothes to workout
  2. Go outside in your neighborhood and community to run or walk for 10-30 minutes before eat Thanksgiving dinner. (This will kickstart your metabolism.)
  3. Wave an introduce yourself to all of your neighbors that see you while working out. 
  4. Take a pic or a selfie on social media with #SillyClothesRun

If we get enough attention, we will help start organized runs all over the US in 2017. I can't wait to see your pics and Happy Thanksgiving. 


Thank You

I would like to take the time to congratulate Garnet Coleman on winning the Texas House of Representatives-District 147 election. I have tried to reach out to him personally, but I have not received a return call. I hope that we can work together to make our communities a better place in the district during his term.

I also would like to thank the nearly 12,000 neighbors that voted for me. I also want to thank all of those that supported our campaign from outside the boundaries of Texas House District-147. We received 21% of the vote even though all of the "experts" said that we could only get 10%. The most important statistic is that we have received 100% more votes than any Republican has received in 25 years in this district. 

During the watch party, I had the opportunity to give a campaign conclusion speech. Please see the transcript of the video above:

A mighty oak does not just happen, it must first begin as a seed. However, resilience and determination are also required in order to the see the oak grow. To be a transformational leader, you must to have resilience and determination. The dictionary defines resilience as “the ability to become strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happens.” In order to maintain resilience and determination, one must identify the problem but not allow oneself to dwell on the massive size of the problem.

Think of it as an elephant on your plate for dinner. If you look at the whole elephant that is on your plate as a problem, anyone will become discouraged enough to just “opt out”…because it is just too much to eat. Instead, we must look at the elephant as small bites or steps that are easily achievable one at a time. This systematic process will provide positive victories that will inspire us to continue while building up our confidence with every bite. Eventually there is no more “elephant” left on the plate and the problem is gone.

As a community leader I have used that approach in the past with great success. It has allowed me to identify a problem through research and dialogue with others, regardless of their position on the issue, and come up with systematic ways to solve the problem instead of taking the beaten path.

  • Instead of expecting neighbors of our crime watch area to come to our meetings, we went to their homes to engage them and find out their problems.
  • Instead of starting another non-profit about a cause, we decided to enhance another by telling Shawn’s story about overcoming his birth defects and my story of becoming an Ironman Triathlete because both were considered “impossible”.
  • Instead of just allowing the established candidate to run without opposition, we chose to give voters a choice.

I hope that by being the first Republican to run for this position in 25 years has revealed that not all of the candidates on the Republican ticket are alike.I hope that we have proven that some of us choose to be the change that we all wish to see not only in our party, but in our society.

Regardless of your political affiliation, we can all agree that this election has shown that we are living in a “States of America”. We are far from United.

I pray that the citizens of district 147 and all of those watching beyond the district boundaries have realized that choosing the right leader is not always about black and white or being a Democrat or Republican… It takes a holistic decision of our diverse community regardless of age, race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, or political affiliation. This community deserves a choice, and I am proud to say that our campaign has helped break down barriers to introduce that choice.

At this moment in time, we can declare victory because you have shown that our seed is growing. We are a stronger community together because we have chosen to focus on the things that unite us instead of divide us. This choice has not come without opposition, though. Many still try to use certain labels to identify us as different.

We live in a world of labels. We identify ourselves, and others, by these labels to segregate from each other. Maybe it is inevitable for us to divide if we continue to use these current labels. The fact is that we are all different, so if that is a fact, why not embrace it? If you want to put a label on someone, why don't we use one that unifies us together: NEIGHBOR

We all want a good neighbor. We can all appreciate that our neighbors have a differences of opinion than we do, so let’s encourage each other to stop, look, listen and discuss our differences in efforts to learn from each other about our different cultures and beliefs. We all want to see better schools, better streets, better city services…and reduce crime, so let's put our labels of division aside and focus on encouraging and loving our neighbor better. LOVE = Unity. That’s different. That’s an anomaly.

An anomaly is defined as a deviation from the common rule, type, arrangement, or form. It is often looked at as a negative term because it does not fit into the status quo. That is why I embrace the phrase “I‘m An Anomaly” as a positive badge of honor and distinction.

Well, I am willing to embrace being an anomaly, and will continue to stand up and fight for our rights of Faith, Family, Freedom, and Community. Moving forward I ask you to be an anomaly with me.

A vibrant blanket does not consist of one type of thread or pattern, it consists of many that come together to form an amazing blanket that covers and protect those that choose to be under it. Our blanket is filled with the fibers that break down barriers with transformational leadership, better labels and being an anomaly.

Neighbors, Let’s Rise Up! Let’s rise up together and continue to be the blanket of protection. Let’s rise up together to be an Anomaly. Let’s watch this mighty oak rise up from our choice of planting that seed today. Let us provide the freedom of choice because Your Choice MATTers!

Neighbors: Thank you for support me. This journey will continue...

Matt Murphy For Houston Song

I am so honored and humbled to have my new friends Jay Candy & D-Money write a song about this political journey. Of course, I can't forget to thank Miss Angie the "Shoe Diva" herself for bringing us all together. 

Below is a link to the actual song. Please download it and play in with your windows rolled down in your car all weekend. It is time for everyone know that Matt Murphy For Houston is giving you a choice because Your Choice MATTers!

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Su Elección Importa!


Por primera vez en 25 años, los votantes Latinos del distrito 147 tienen la opcion de elegir a alguien que en realidad representa su fe, su comunidad, sus valores familiares, y su derecho a ser libres como ciudadanos de este pais.  En estas proximas elecciones, elijan a Matt Murphy como su representante estatal por el distrito 147. Porque


Log Cabin Republicans Endorse Matt Murphy

This week I am honored and privileged to announce the endorsement of the Log Cabin Republicans of Houston.


Log-Cabin_copy.jpgThe mission of Log Cabin Republicans of Houston, Texas supports at the city and county level the mission of the national Log Cabin Republicans organization: to build a stronger more inclusive Republican Party by promoting the core values of limited government, individual liberty, personal responsibility, free markets, and a strong national defense; and also advocating for the freedom and equality of all Americans, including gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans.

On Thursday, president of the Houston Chapter, Marco Roberts, stated in a press release:

Too often as Republicans we focus on the few things that divide us, and not on the many things that should bring us together: Our belief in our party’s wise and wonderful stated commitment to the idea of limited government; Constitutional liberties, especially those of the First and Second Amendments; the right to one’s own property and the labor of one’s own hands; and our shared belief in the fundamental value of the autonomous, self-reliant individual – the only path to true personal independence and individual liberty.

We believe Matt Murphy shares those fundamental values as we do, and shares our views on the importance of the fundamental issues that lie ahead in regards to the equal treatment under the law for all people regardless of sexual orientation, status as a sexual minority, or differing religious beliefs.

I am proud to be a Republican that has received a broad group of supporters and endorsements that understand my dedication to fight for limited government, civil rights and fiscal responsibility. District 147 consists of 25% White, 38% African-American, 31% Latino, and 6% Asian/Other in neighborhoods like in Downtown, Midtown, Montrose, 3rd Ward, Sunnyside, South Park, Garden Villas, and areas surrounding Hobby Airport. Republicans are outnumbered by Democrats nearly 2 to 1 in our district, and Independents outnumber us all, however we are all neighbors. Instead of focusing on the issues that divide us, we must focus on the common goals that unite us.

As a candidate that stands proud to defend our rights to Faith, Family, Freedom, and Community, we are reaching across party lines to gain the vote from Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and Independents alike that believe in these values. The voters of this district are looking for candidates that are focusing on unity instead of division. The voters of this district are smart enough to realize that the liberal Democratic agenda is not relating to their conservative values and they want to vote for a choice that focuses on being a voice of the people and their conservative values instead of a party.

The Log Cabin Republicans and I are teaming up together to get out the "good news" through block walking, phone calls, and election day outreach in the Midtown and Montrose community. They are letting the communities know that my opponent has ran unopposed for 25 years, and how I felt that it was time to give the voters a choice because: 



Baptists Ministers' Association Endorse Matt Murphy

This week I am honored and privileged to announce the endorsement of the Baptist Ministers' Association of Houston & Vicinity. 


On Tuesday, President Rev. Max Allen Miller Jr and nearly 200 ministers came together to show their support for our "Campaign of Now" that is focusing on establishing a diverse group of support from the community. The churches that these minister's pastor are the heartbeat of our district in the 3rd Ward, South Park, Sunnyside, and OST/South Union communities. 

Matt Murphy & Rev. Max Miller

The Baptist Ministers Association of Houston & Vicinity spend several hours with candidates running for office before making their decision, and I am greatly humbled by this amazing honor. As many of you know, my faith in God is very intimate and important to me. When my son was born in 2009 with a rare birth defect, our church community and neighbors stepped up to give us strength during the 3 surgeries in his first year of life. Today, I am blessed to say that other than a few scars on Shawn's back, and the fact that his dad tells everyone about his miraculous story, Shawn lives a normal little boy life. I share that story as a testimony to how great God is, and how we are to "Love Our Neighbors" better.

The Baptist Ministers Association and I are teaming up together to get out the "good news" through block walking, phone calls, and election day outreach. They are letting their churches and communities know that my opponent has ran unopposed for 25 years, and I felt that it was time to give the voters a choice because: Your choice #MATTers!

Our "Campaign of Now" has proven to have what it takes to unite diverse communities and be victorious this election, but we need your help. Can I count on you for your financial support? Will you donate to our campaign and help give the voters of Texas House of Representatives-District 147 a leader that will defend their FAITH, FAMILY, FREEDOM, & COMMUNITY?

Please Donate Today!

ABC PAC Endorses Matt Murphy For Texas Representative

This week I am honored and privileged to announce the endorsement of the Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. of Texas (ABC PAC)!

ABC PAC of Texas is the construction trade association that advocates free enterprise and the merit shop philosophy. ABC of Texas is comprised of 8 Local ABC Chapters-TEXO (North and East Texas), Central Texas (Austin), South Texas (San Antonio), Texas Mid Coast (Victoria), Texas Coastal Bend (Corpus Christi),Texas Gulf Coast (Freeport), Southeast Texas (Golden Triangle) and Greater Houston.

ABC_logo.jpgAs a political outsider, I am greatly humbled by this amazing honor. My life is a successful testimony of ABC's mission towards workforce development reform in K-12 education.

Education is important to success, but not all people learn the same way or may not ever live up to the potential that an accelerated K-12 education requires. That is the reason we have blue-collar workers and white-collar workers. Not everyone can be the boss. As a person that has lived with ADHD all my life, I am sensitive to this. I struggled through high school, and failed out of many colleges before I found my passion for Fire Protection Engineering. Through the NICET program, I was able to receive certifications that eventually led to my advancement in the industry.

I think we need to find ways to evaluate and offer a diverse amount of opportunities like we used to do. Classes like shop and woodworking should be reinstated and maybe even opportunities for student to gain valuable certifications in trades like Fire Protection, HVAC, Concrete, Structural Steel, Electrical, etc. since those trades find it difficult to fill high paying jobs.

My opponent has not had an opponent run against him in 25 years. I felt that it was time to give the voters a choice because: Your choice #MATTers!

Our "Campaign of Now" has proven to have what it takes to be victorious this election, but we need your help. Can I count on you for your financial support? Will you donate to our campaign and help give the voters of Texas House of Representatives-District 147 a leader that will defend their FAITH, FAMILY, FREEDOM, & COMMUNITY?

Defending Against Terrorism

This weekend's terrorism attacks here on U.S.A. soil have everyone on edge. My hearts and prayers are with those that were injured by the attacks.

Radicalism and terrorism is not anything new, but the attacks on Western countries are becoming more frequent. Terrorism attacks are becoming the new normal. We may not be able to ever get rid of radicalism and terrorism, we need to do what we can to prevent and reduce these attacks on American soil, in our cities, and in our neighborhoods. Before we can do this, we need to understand more about radicalization and terrorism. 

In a June 2016 Article of the CTC-Sentinel titled The Road to Orlando: Jihadist-Inspired Violence in the West, 2012-2016author Sam Mullins points out the following:

...most attacks were carried out by individuals with no direct ties to overseas terrorist groups and were low-tech and relatively ineffectual. Half of all attackers had a criminal past, and perhaps as many were unemployed. A majority of attacks targeted civilians, although violence was also frequently directed against members of law enforcement or the military. Knife attacks were the most common while shootings were the deadliest.

Radicalization can happen to anyone and anywhere regardless of age, race, religion, and sex. In some cases mental issues were a contributing factor, but in all cases, isolation is the key reason for radicalization. Radical terrorist feed and grow because of fear, and primarily attack "soft targets" that show they cannot fight back. With this information, we can conclude that the best way to combat radicalization and terrorism is by building up stronger communities. 

Know Your Neighbor: 

According to a Pew Research Center study only 19% of all people know the neighbors that live next to them, but this could be the greatest way to prevent crime, radicalization, and terrorism in your community. If we take the time to knock on our neighbors doors and introduce ourselves to each other, we will find an immediate sense of obligation to look after each other. By knocking on each others doors, we will also be able to identify potential threats to our community.

My wife and I lived in a community in Dallas that committed to getting to know each other. We created a mission to knock on each other's doors to promote introductions. Through that effort we started to see a reduction in crime, better city services, and a better relationship with police, fire, municipal workers, and politicians. We were also able to find two crack houses, one sexual trafficking house, and several cases of elderly abuse.  

Situational Awareness:

In the recent terrorism attack The opportunity of crime and terror is always among us, and public places are where incidents happen the most. We need to all become more aware of potential threats. In the recent attacks two homeless men found a backpack in the trash, thinking there was something of value in it. Instead, what they discovered and their actions that followed potentially saved lives in Elizabeth, New Jersey. We need to use this example to help protect our community by becoming more aware of our surroundings for the sake of our families and those that are around us. 

Self Defense:

On Constitution Day, my wife and I attended a Texas Handgun course so we could obtain our License to Carry. Most that think we need stricter gun laws in the United States would consider this controversial, but it is my belief that stricter gun laws will not prevent violence since criminals do not respect the law in the first place. In the examples this weekend of terror we watched how radicals used alternative ways of violence including bombs and knives, but in one case, and off-duty officer prevented further terrorism by shooting one of the terrorist from stabbing additional victims. 


In our handgun course, we became more aware of gun safety and proper use of weapons for protection. This education has helped both of us have a better understanding of the responsibility that we have been granted. We have also realized how trying to take away our 2nd Amendment right will only make our society more dangerous. Today, I feel that our family and neighborhood is safer because we have two more responsible gun owners, and I highly recommend others to do as my wife and I did. 

Finally, our Liberty will be attacked from all different angles, and we all need to become more aware of how to protect those rights. As your next state representative, I promise to work hard to protect those rights, but I can't do it without your help. We all must work together to make our communities stronger. 

Never Forget


Every generation has bullet points that can be used to reference before and after. For my generation the 9/11 terrorist attack became that definitive bullet point.

Everything that we knew changed that day by an extreme few that hated the US because our FREEDOM. They felt by attacking us on our own soil that it would inspire hate and confusion in our life, but the opposite happened.

I watched as people of all different walks of life became patriots together to proudly yell as one voice...U.S.A....U.S.A...U.S.A...

Today we are reminded of the unmoral acts of an extreme few that do not deserve the right to be recognize. We also honor the fathers, mothers, sons and daughters that lost their life on this day 15 years. We are reminded that FREEDOM is not free. It takes hard work from all of us to maintain it.

I will #NeverForget, and I will continue with my promise to work every day of my life towards protecting LIBERTY for all.

Victory In Choice


Yesterday, I made a trip to the Texas State Capital for the first time during this campaign. As I walked the halls of this beautifully built structure of "Sunset Red" granite from Marble Falls, TX, I could feel the Texas history come alive right before me. It was a very humbling and inspiring experience. Many great men and women have fought for our Liberty & Freedom in Texas, but the one that I feel I can relate to the most is William Barret Travis. Most Texans that went to school in our state are very familiar of Mr. Travis' heroism as the commander of the Republic of Texas at the Battle of the Alamo, but many may not realize that he came to Texas for a rebirth of life. 

Stricken with a large sum of debt and failure, Travis left his family behind in Claiborne, AL to settle in Stephen F. Austin's Texas colony to practice law. Travis became an army officer and was ordered to reinforce the Alamo garrison in San Antonio de Bexar. He took command after James C. Neill gave up the post to attend to family matters. Facing an overwhelming force of Mexican troops under the command of General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, Travis commanded the 180 defenders of the Alamo, including such figures as David Crockett and Jim Bowie. Many of the soldiers feared that they were not going to win. To help settle the troops, Travis gave a speech similar to this dramatization:

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