How to Make Houston Great Again

A new poll came out today concerning the Houston Mayor’s race.  According to the results, not only is there no clear front runner in the race, most voters haven’t even looked at the candidates in our municipal elections just yet.

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As a political outsider, these polls indicate where our grassroots campaign needs to invest our time, money and efforts. At this point in the race, name recognition seems to matter most - so commercials, ads, and yard signs won’t matter as much as getting out in the community and engaging voters in the process.

This is our time to shine.  We should organize now and get behind a conservative coalition of candidates to ensure the "liberal agenda" is a thing of the past.

Let me be clear - we have a trinity of blessings to be able to live in our great city, our great state, and our great country. Our fellow Houstonians are fortunate to have the potential to live our lives on our own terms and achieve opportunity, freedom and equality for all.  

Now our way of life doesn’t come easy - we have to work for it.  We know that with liberty comes responsibility, and for our constitutional republic to work the way our Founders intended, our fellow citizens must proactively engage in our democratic processes.

That’s why I am running a “Campaign of Now,” where we don’t have to wait to get elected to make Houston better today. Our core values are responsibility, accountability and community - and I’ve learned from my own mistakes that we need to be the change we want to see in this world.  

As concerned citizens, we have a responsibility to engage and develop relationships with our neighbors - and we need more of our family, friends and colleagues to join us.  We have a duty to promote strong grassroots leaders to unite and strengthen our communities.  We must stand on our principles, fight for our values, engage beyond our base and reach out to others to improve our electoral process.

Strategically, if we are to take our city back, advance conservative policies and implement a pragmatic plan to overcome our critical issues (e.g. budget, pensions, streets etc), we must back a conservative coalition of candidates and work together.  We must unite in each race so we don't divide our vote.  Political outsiders need grassroots activists to endorse, volunteer and donate to overcome career politicians’ attacks and special interest money.

Now, voters deserve a choice, and have a right to know our candidates, but we must choose early and support our team.  We should use this season to determine which candidates align with our values, have a strong record of success and achievement, and back those with a handle on the issues.  

In my view, strong candidates should have a pathway to victory and a history of building coalitions and achieving challenging goals.  Good leaders must run positive campaigns and unite diverse communities to make a difference from the bottom up - win or lose.  And we must discern why candidates are running - to serve others, or to serve themselves.  I believe actions speak louder than words, and will lead by example today.

That's why I'm asking you to learn more about my proven record and my conservative values and practical policy solutions.  I’m asking you to decide that my candidacy has the strongest chance to promote our conservative cause and win this election.  I have a record of speaking to all sides, bringing people together and collaborating transparently on pragmatic solutions.

I’m running a “Campaign of Now,” where we don’t have to wait to get elected to make Houston better today.  Will you stand with me and support our campaign today?  

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