My name is Matt Murphy, and I am a military man, family man, businessman, and community activist for over 20 years. 

As a 4th generation Houstonian, this great city is the only place my wife and I have called home as a family, and we plan to stay here forever. My wife (Rachel) and I lived in the Riverside Terrace after we renovated and preserved one of the beautiful homes that compose the neighborhood 10 years ago. We now live in the Maplewood in southwest Houston. I have always been concerned about making our city better, and I strive to do everything I can to help. 

The city of Houston is in the process of reinventing itself in the 21st century. We are becoming a melting pot of races, ages, sexual orientations, and religious beliefs. This has also led to more and more tensions between neighbors because of differences. It will continue to do so without proper representation and leadership that focuses on unifying our community through our common issues instead of the differences that divide us. 

Through past experience and the study of expert research we can conclude that if you know your neighbors name, then you are obligated to look after them regardless if you agree on every social issue. As neighbors, we all have common ground, our community, and neighbors that know each other are catalyst for positive change that breaks down the barriers of tension and fear. With that philosophy in mind, I am also announcing the immediate launch of the “Know Your Neighbor” initiative to help start the dialogue of how we need to come together to make Houston a better place. 

The “Know Your Neighbor” initiative will guarantee victory for Houston because it brings neighbors together and will carry on far beyond any aspirations of a political candidate. With your support and assistance, Houston can be the leader and blueprint for building community.

This initiative deserves a leader that has vision for our community, and you have my word and commitment that I will walk hand-in-hand with all of you as neighbors during this initiative. I’m looking forward to getting to know all of you better through this journey.

Matt Murphy

Please walk with me, so we can become the change that we desire in our community. Thank you!



Matthew S. Murphy


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