Happy 50th Birthday Astrodome

On April 9, 2015, the Astrodome turned 50 and Harris County threw a massive party that attracted nearly 25,000 people. It was a beautiful site to be taken in by my son, Shawn, and I.

In 2013 when I made my first ever short film about the Astrodome called, Last Seat At The DomeI honestly had no idea what it would become and how it would help with the efforts to preserve the dome. What resonated most about the film was the facts that we were able to present, and still to this day the greatest compliment I receive is when someone tells me that just by watching the film they have changed their mind about preserving the dome.

The facts alone will save the Astrodome, so in honor of the Dome's birthday, I decided to rebroadcast in entirety the film screening and Q&A with Judge Ed Emmett, Beth Wiedower, David Bush, and Michael Garfield that we had in November 2014. I hope you enjoy:

As your council member for at-large position 4, preserving the Astrodome and repurposing it into a public park will be one of my priorities. We need members of Houston city council that are willing to partner with Harris County officials to find a viable solution that preserves the iconic landmark and enhances the other venues, city, and surrounding community that needs revitalization. Of course, all of this has to be done without putting the burden on the taxpayer. There is a way, and I will champion that way!

Last Seat At The Dome