Here's Your Sign!


Recently, there have been a lot of people asking why we have not put out any campaign signs for our campaign, so we felt it was time to explain why you are not seeing them.

There are several conflicting studies out there that discusses the importance of campaign signs to winning an election, but we feel that they do not provide a great return on investment. 

The worst part of the whole thing is campaign signs have a tendency to clutter and trash our streets and neighborhoods since most campaign staff and volunteers put them up illegally in places that are against the city sign ordinance. It is my belief that by making and distributing a bunch of campaign signs, we are just contributing to what is making our great city so ugly.

Since I am a political outsider, I did initially have about 50 campaign signs made up, and they were giving out to those that requested them in the beginning. We even used a few in our "Campaign of Now"events that we had all over the city, but when it came down to making a huge investment in getting more made instead of using our campaign money in other more valuable places, we chose to not to have anymore made.  As a fiscal conservative that wants to focus on making our city a better place financially, I always disliked what campaign signs do to our city during election time. As they say, "signs don't vote; people do".


Instead of a campaign sign, we decided that the best way to get our name out there is through the collaboration and strength our supporters and those that endorse us. By doing this, it is staying true to the grassroots movement that we have been since the beginning of our campaign and bringing our communities together.

The best way to help this campaign is to tell at least 5 of your friends to vote for Matt Murphy For Houston City Council At Large #4. Since they are your friends and they trust you, we will have a much better opportunity with your help to win this election and bring back Accountability and Responsibility back to city hall while we strengthen our Community

MM4H-T-Shirt-Front.pngIf you would like to wear your support, then please let us know. We have made up some t-shirts that we would be happy to give out to those that would like one. We would be honored to see you wearing them!

Finally, we ask that you to bring out your artistic side and create a sign to show your support for our "Campaign of Now". As a family man, I felt this could be a great opportunity for you to find a way to spend time with your children, so we have created a template that you can download and print off if you would like your kids to color it in. Feel free to use if you choose or simply just create your own unique sign if you like. Please send pictures of your masterpieces and wearing your "Matt Murphy For Houston" shirts to our campaign email or post on our Facebook Page so we can highlight them to all of the other supporters. 

(Click on Sign And Right Click To Save Image)


(Click on Sign And Right Click To Save Image)

 Thank you for all that you do, and remember:

WITHOUT YOU we cannot win; WITH YOU we cannot lose!