Baptists Ministers' Association Endorse Matt Murphy

This week I am honored and privileged to announce the endorsement of the Baptist Ministers' Association of Houston & Vicinity. 


On Tuesday, President Rev. Max Allen Miller Jr and nearly 200 ministers came together to show their support for our "Campaign of Now" that is focusing on establishing a diverse group of support from the community. The churches that these minister's pastor are the heartbeat of our district in the 3rd Ward, South Park, Sunnyside, and OST/South Union communities. 

Matt Murphy & Rev. Max Miller

The Baptist Ministers Association of Houston & Vicinity spend several hours with candidates running for office before making their decision, and I am greatly humbled by this amazing honor. As many of you know, my faith in God is very intimate and important to me. When my son was born in 2009 with a rare birth defect, our church community and neighbors stepped up to give us strength during the 3 surgeries in his first year of life. Today, I am blessed to say that other than a few scars on Shawn's back, and the fact that his dad tells everyone about his miraculous story, Shawn lives a normal little boy life. I share that story as a testimony to how great God is, and how we are to "Love Our Neighbors" better.

The Baptist Ministers Association and I are teaming up together to get out the "good news" through block walking, phone calls, and election day outreach. They are letting their churches and communities know that my opponent has ran unopposed for 25 years, and I felt that it was time to give the voters a choice because: Your choice #MATTers!

Our "Campaign of Now" has proven to have what it takes to unite diverse communities and be victorious this election, but we need your help. Can I count on you for your financial support? Will you donate to our campaign and help give the voters of Texas House of Representatives-District 147 a leader that will defend their FAITH, FAMILY, FREEDOM, & COMMUNITY?

Please Donate Today!