Balance The Budget

Recent audits show approximately $12 million in our tax dollars go to overspending and fraud in the City of Houston, so we can only assume even more is being wasted at the state level. Instead of focusing on how we can fix the budget, political leaders have tried to engineer other sources of revenue through added taxes and fees that have proven to be misleading to the tax payer. 

I compare it to a car driving around on tires with loose lug nuts. Because they are not tight, it shakes the whole car, but instead of fixing the lug nuts, you put on a new coat of paint on the car. Eventually the car shakes so violently that every part of the vehicle is damaged and destroyed leaving us with nothing to show except broken parts.  

As a project manager, I have gained the reputation of going through every invoice, line by line, to determine accuracy, and it has saved my company millions of dollars. I want to bring that fiscal conservative reputation to Texas, so we can tighten up the nuts and bolts of our budget. Then we can focus on the responsibilities that the city has promised to maintain and protect such as roads, drainage, and business development.