ABC PAC Endorses Matt Murphy For Texas Representative

This week I am honored and privileged to announce the endorsement of the Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. of Texas (ABC PAC)!

ABC PAC of Texas is the construction trade association that advocates free enterprise and the merit shop philosophy. ABC of Texas is comprised of 8 Local ABC Chapters-TEXO (North and East Texas), Central Texas (Austin), South Texas (San Antonio), Texas Mid Coast (Victoria), Texas Coastal Bend (Corpus Christi),Texas Gulf Coast (Freeport), Southeast Texas (Golden Triangle) and Greater Houston.

ABC_logo.jpgAs a political outsider, I am greatly humbled by this amazing honor. My life is a successful testimony of ABC's mission towards workforce development reform in K-12 education.

Education is important to success, but not all people learn the same way or may not ever live up to the potential that an accelerated K-12 education requires. That is the reason we have blue-collar workers and white-collar workers. Not everyone can be the boss. As a person that has lived with ADHD all my life, I am sensitive to this. I struggled through high school, and failed out of many colleges before I found my passion for Fire Protection Engineering. Through the NICET program, I was able to receive certifications that eventually led to my advancement in the industry.

I think we need to find ways to evaluate and offer a diverse amount of opportunities like we used to do. Classes like shop and woodworking should be reinstated and maybe even opportunities for student to gain valuable certifications in trades like Fire Protection, HVAC, Concrete, Structural Steel, Electrical, etc. since those trades find it difficult to fill high paying jobs.

My opponent has not had an opponent run against him in 25 years. I felt that it was time to give the voters a choice because: Your choice #MATTers!

Our "Campaign of Now" has proven to have what it takes to be victorious this election, but we need your help. Can I count on you for your financial support? Will you donate to our campaign and help give the voters of Texas House of Representatives-District 147 a leader that will defend their FAITH, FAMILY, FREEDOM, & COMMUNITY?