A Positive Campaign Based On Facts And Issues

From the beginning, we have committed to run a positive campaign focused on unifying a broad coalition based on facts and issues and abstain from attacking the character of other candidates in the race. I am disappointed but not surprised that other candidates have chosen character defamation and resorted to warping words but as a Christian I will continue striving to turn the other cheek and unite our conservative coalition.

For decades many of us have allowed our politicians to state they are "perfect", and we have supported them as they attack their opponents. It was perceived as a winning campaign recipe, but these short-sighted tactics have hurt our society and further divided our community. We now have a low voter participation rate that has enabled the election of irresponsible, unaccountable politicians that do not have to live up to their ministerial duties.

As a candidate and potential city council member, I will always support the law, but when the facts change, and the law changes, I will reassess those facts as part of my ministerial duties. Before the speed limit changes from 55 mph to 60 mph, whether we agree or not, we must support and respect the law or accept the consequences.  However, when new facts arise, we reevaluate our stance and reassess a new course of corrective action.  Houstonians deserve no less from responsible, accountable leaders.

I appreciate your continued support of our "Campaign of Now" to make Houston better by focusing on Accountability, Responsibility and Community.  In case you missed it you can can view details of my position on the equal rights ordinance and my latest call for good leadership.